Our Founder

Dr. Wayne Holman started and oversees Ridgeback Capital.  Dr. Holman began his healthcare focused investment career in 2000.  Prior to that Dr. Holman worked for the Merrill Lynch large pharmaceuticals equity research analyst.  Dr. Holman earned his Medical Degree from New York University and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.

Ridgeback Capital was founded in 2006 and is focused on healthcare investments. Ridgeback invests in private and public companies that are dedicated to the development of life saving and life changing therapies.  Healthcare advances take many years to materialize and Dr. Holman believes that patient capital is vital for new technologies and companies to thrive.  

  Our Namesake

Ridgeback Capital is named after our founder’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Coco.  Coco was rescued from an animal shelter.  For, over a decade, she happily thrived and was proud to be the namesake of Ridgeback Capital.  Somewhat analogous to building a great company, Coco’s story is an excellent reminder that all good outcomes require thoughtful people who make great decisions.      




For more information, please email us at info@ridgebackcap.com